7 Tips for Growing Your Hair Long and Strong

During the time leading up to my wedding, I followed a strict routine to grow my hair from shoulder length to mid-back length. Since the Mr. and I were going to Disney on our honeymoon, I was determined to have gossamer, flowing mermaid hair.

Here are a few tips and tricks I used to keep my hair healthy and boost growth. Note: I did all of this without expensive, mainstream hair products or supplements!

Healthy life, healthy hair

One of the best ways to boost your overall beauty is to eat a healthy nutrient filled diet. Eating protein, especially ones high in biotin, is especially helpful for growing hair and strengthening nails. You can take biotin in a supplement which will accelerate growth quickly, but the effects will plateau after about a month or so. That is why I suggest simply filling your diet with hair-happy foods like eggs, peanuts, almonds, salmon, and avocados! Yum! Other than biotin, you want to look for foods that are high in vitamin A, B, C, and E, iron, and magnesium. I just made sure I had a good amount of fruits and veggies every day with my protein and I soon noticed my hair was stronger and shinier.

Don’t over-wash

Only wash your hair when it needs it! Clean your body every day, but tie your hair up or keep it in a shower cap. Washing your hair too often (more than three times a week) strips your hair and scalp of vital nutrients and oils. Your hair can become brittle and dry from over-washing, which will cause those awful, tear-worthy split ends.

Brush gently

As with over-washing, brushing can cause damage as well. Never brush your hair when wet. Ever… Just stop it. When you must brush your hair while wet or tangly, start at the ends and work your way up. This will reduce the amount of pulling and tearing on your hair and keep hair loss to a minimum. I usually spray some oil on my hair before I detangle. This lubricates my knots and snags and allows me to brush more smoothly.

The brush you use is highly important as well. Using a boar bristle brush or a wooden brush is the best because they distribute your scalp’s natural oils and don’t rip as much as plastic ones. My favorite and current hair brush is this Wood Bristle Bass Brush from Amazon. At $15, it’s a bargain and I have yet to have a bristle break on me!

Hot oil treatments

Boost growth by stimulating blood flow. Hot oil treatments combined with massage will massively boost your hair growth. The great thing is most oils used in hair treatments are already in your pantry (Olive oil, coconut oil, etc)! Warm over a candle warmer or on the stove, apply to hair for 2 hours, and wash out as normal. Check out my full post on hot oil treatments here.

Trim, trim, trim!

Trust me. I know how heartbreaking it is to go get a hair cut after so much work on your hair. But fear not! I won’t send you to the salon. Instead, invest in a good pair of hair shears. They aren’t that expensive; I really believe everyone should own a pair. I have these Goody Classic Cutting Scissors that go for around $5. Take your hair and snip off the dead ends one by one. I typically do this while I’m sitting at my computer or watching a show. Once I see one split end, I start finding hundreds and I can’t stop until I’ve found them all! Your hair might seem significantly shorter after this process, but remember you keeping your hair healthy and preventing damage.

Breakage-free hairstyles

Reducing breakage is the most important thing to keeping your hair healthy. Be smart and treat your hair like gold. It will reward you with long locks. Use a hairstyle like a pony tail or braid to keep your hair out of harms way. This will keep hair from getting tangled or damaged from rubbing up against clothes, pillow cases, etc. Check out some awesome damage-free hairstyles by my favorite YouTuber HolisticHabits.

Track your progress

Check out how far you’ve come! Keep a chart posted by your mirror or somewhere to inspire you. Measure every month when your hair is dry, starting from your front hairline, down your back and to the end. Have a friend help if you cannot measure yourself. You can even take pictures if that helps inspire you!

Source:  7 Tips for Growing Your Hair Long was written by Katelyn S. Bolds and published first on http://www.theboldlife.us


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